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Ōno Akira
Japanese 大野 晶
Furigana おおの あきら
Age 12-14 (Season 1)
15-16 (Season 2)
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark purple
Eye Color Dark ruby
Personal Status
School Jōran High
Game character(s) Zangief, Gōki, Mike Haggar, Akira, Victor
Like Video games, Snacks
Dislike Horror stuff
Relatives Unnamed Dad
Ōno no Haha (Mother)
Ōno Makoto (older sister)
Haruo Yaguchi (Boyfriend/Possible future Husband)
Seiyū Suzushiro Sayumi
Christine Marie Cabonos (English)
Mangadebut 1-Credit
Anime debut Round 1

Ōno Akira, also spelled Oono Akira, is one of the main female character's of Hi Score Girl series and is the heir of Ōno Zaibatsu.



Akira is a beautiful girl with long dark purple hair (in the anime) or black hair (In the manga), reaching to the top of her back and ruby eyes. As an ojōsama, She typically wears a purple dress with puffy sleeves. It has ruffles on the chest, and a string bow on her neck with dark purple leggings/stocking under her dress with brown buckle shoes, she wears this outfit in all of her elementary, middle, and high school years. When outside, she wears a yellow sweater over her dress. Many find her appearance in middle and high school, alongside her attitude intimidating but most just find her attractive.


Akira is good at everything she does, including study, drawing, music, martial arts, and video games. Despite being very smart, she never talks, usally she uses her facial expressions to guess what she's thinking and wanting, also makeing small voices like "Umm", nodding, and shaking her head. As a rich girl, she has good manners in general, except for her habit to make a "mogā" (モガー) sound when putting food in her mouth. She uses violence sometimes, mostly on Haruo, when she feels angry, jealous, or being scared of horror stuff. She hates scary things such as horror films and games.


Dash Spin-off

Hidaka remembering the love triangle

While she doesn't make an appearance or even is called by her name, she is briefly referenced by Hidaka, when she was looking back when she was in highschool, thinking about her "unrequited love", being Yagchi, and remembering when she was "smack-dab in the middle", the love triangle they and Yagchi were in and how Hidaka felt like a roadblock.

Ōno's voice

Ono in the second ed. "Unknown World Map"

Throughout the entire of the original story she never talks. While it doesn't seem like she is a mute, as she does make small voices like "Umm", with the noble being her habit to make a "mogā" (モガー) sound when putting food in her mouth, most of the time, she makes facial expressions to what she's usally thinking and wants, shaking her head as a way to say yes or no. Most of the time it's not that hard for characters, like Haruo (and the readers/viewers), to understand her as she most of the time points her finger at things she wants or uses violence when she feels angry, jealous, or scared. While she doesn't speak to Haruo or anyone we see, it does seem like she can talk, as in Round 24, Hidaka talks about how Ono went to visit her right before her trip with Osaka to talk to her about how she felt and what she should do to Haruo. Funthermore in the Second ending of the show, "Unknown World Map". It is sung by her voice acter and through the ending it shows a Ono sillouette that at the end, singing along, proving that she can talk, but chooses not too.


Yaguchi Haruo

Akira always goes to game centers as a way to escape her heavy educations at home. Haruo shares the same hobby as her so they quickly became close. Haruo also convinces her to run away from things at home if it's too hard for her, and Akira admires him for doing so.

She seems sad after knowing she'll have to leave Japan and tries to go on a date with Haruo for the last time at the Amusement Park. It is clear that she's in love with Haruo around that time. She cries a lot when Haruo comes to see her off at the airport and gives her a Toy Ring.

She wants Haruo to be with her but Haruo thinks that he's inferior to her.


Jīya might be the only person at home that cares about the feelings of Akira. As her personal driver, he frequently has to find Akira at game centers in the town that she might run off to. But he actually has sympathy for her about how much educations she has at home. Sometimes he lets her have fun playing games.

Gōda Moemi

The instructor of the Ōno family doesn't care at all about Akira's feelings. She puts her in heavy study schedules and doesn't want Akira to do anything like normal kids, including having a home console, or giving her allowances that she can hang out with friends after school. She once said Akira will have to marry someone they decided for her as soon as she graduated from a university.

Ōno Makoto

It's quite clear Makoto cares for her sister dearly and tries to hook Akira with the boy she spends time with the most that being Haruo.


Akira is good at almost every game on the Arcade platform. For fighting games, she uses huge power-type characters such as Zangief and Edmond Honda. She also loves characters that have similarities to Zangief's cyclone ability. Surprisingly, she doesn't seem to need practice to under anything in gaming as even tho she doesn't have any game console at home, she is able to quickly learn how to use a controller like the back of her hand. She is always up to try any game as long as it is not a horror game or anything like that


Her family name Ōno (大野) means "big field". The name Akira (晶) means "crystal". This name is pretty old as while it is a unisex Japanese name, since it's used masculinely and is more common with Males. This also applies to her elder sister Ōno Makoto.

Her name might be based on Street Fighter's Producer Ono Yoshinori and Street Fighter EX's Creator Nishitani Akira.


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