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Ōno Makoto or Oono Makoto is the older sister of Ōno Akira, and a member of the Ōno Zaibatsu.

Ōno Makoto
Japanese 大野 真
Furigana おおの まこと
Age 18 - 19
Gender Female
Hair Color Black (Manga)
Dark purple (Anime)
Eye Color Dark ruby
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Father
Ōno no Haha (Mother)
Ōno Akira (younger sister)
Haruo Yaguchi (Friend/Possible future Step-Brother)
Seiyū 赤﨑千夏
Anime debut Round 3



Makoto is a college student who almost looks like her younger sister Akira, down to even the face, except her hair is a bit more curly. She is usally seen in a Yellow-Orange wool shiet and gray jeans with a jewl around her neck.

When tying to get Haruo out of Shibuya she gains a new makeover, She gains a Black wool shirt was long sleeves, a red, black and white check styled skirt with brown boots that reach to her knees. She wore this until Gōda Moemi stripped them away and burned them for being street clothing.


Makoto is like the polar opposite of Akira. She's loquacious, carefree, and a little bit of a tomboy and didn't care about fashion. While being the older one, and despite how she teases her younger sister, she is usally is more or less is very jealous towards her younger sister due to her relationship with Haruo and the love triangle while she herself hasn't had a boyfriend before but also does feel bad for Akira due to how it was her fault that Akira has to shoulder all the hopes of the family and supports Akira's love for video games. She makes it no secret that she dislikes the parenting of her family and frequently runs away from Gōda Moemi, to the point that Moemi decides to give up on Makoto.

In the manga, she has somewhat of a bit of a pervert, begging for the new pc to use to fulfill her dirty desires and when that didn't work, she resort's to arcade to play the more mature type of games. She herself was not ashamed to admit it and even rant on what she saw and loved.



Ōno Akira[]

Despite how she teases her younger sister sometimes, Makoto does deeply care about Akira. Makoto however, does feel bad for Akira due to how it might be her fault that Akira has to shoulder all the hopes of the family since she decided to give up on it and also supports Akira's love for video games and also supports Akira's relationship with Haruo.

Yaguchi Haruo[]

As Makoto supports the relationship between Haruo and Akira, Haruo and Makoto get along very well. Makoto is also a casual gamer so it's not hard for them to hang out at game centers and even at his house.

Yaguchi Namie[]

Makoto occasionally visits Haruo at his house and she gets along with Haruo's mom very well. Both of them support the relationship between Haruo and Akira.


Her family name Ōno (大野) means "big field". Her name Makoto (誠) means "sincerity" or "truth." While it's a unisex Japanese name, it is used more masculinely and commonly used by males. This also applies to her younger sister Ōno Akira.



  • Makoto made her first appearance earlier in the story at the airport when they're leaving Japan for Los Angeles. She's not seen in both manga and anime during that time, but she's one of the people pulling Akira off of Haruo, and her voice actress has a few lines to say in that scene.
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