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3-Credit is the third chapter of the Hi Score Girl (manga).


We start off with Haruo struggling, despite being in front of it, can't pronounce the word "Hirestsu" instead calling it "Ur ugh" he is chastised by his teacher and fellow students look down on him as he useless at everything school and compre to him is Akira who excels in her school work and praise her for the things she does outside of school, to were Haruo angry calls her a "Gamer Head". Later that afternoon, Walking to the arcade, Haruo thinks about spearing a rumor about her being a gamer head, he runs into Akira in the arcades and plays Splatterhouse. As he plays the game, Akira attentively watches him and grows agitated by his gameplay. Walking home from his time at the arcade thinking out loud on how to speared a rumor and he notice's that Akira follows and then chases Haruo home giving him no reason as to why much to his dismay.

The following day at school, Haruo learns that Akira is afraid of scary things. This leads Haruo to realize that Akira was so afraid to walk home alone she followed Haruo and calling her more scary then cute.


  • The back round for the art of 3-credit is a refence to the stage layout form the stage of Chemical Plant of Sonic 2.