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4-Credit is the fourth chapter of the Hi Score Girl (manga).


Begins with Haruo receiving his test back with zero points and is punched in the head by the teacher as punishment, to were the class remarks how he is unfazed as this was not the first time it had happen, Ono on the other hand received a perfect score and is reward with candy. He sourly calls her a talented person how is good at everything, their montage showing him failing in everything with school, then him explaining why he only prides himself in gaming.

Later that day at the arcades, Haruo is challenged by Ma-kun. Haruo wins two matches against Ma-kun, but in the 3rd match throws the fight in order to avoid a physical confrontation. Done playing against the irascible Ma-kun, Akira sees Akira fight against Ma-kun and wins. So, his girlfriend Mi-tan challenges Akira and loses making her lose her temper. Both Ma-kun and Mi-tan confront Akira for her winning against them using "pervy moves" and Haruo tries to mediate only to be kicked in the groin by Mi-tan. The two raging gamers then kick Haruo while he was down and Akira intervenes by spin kicking Ma-kun and socking Mi-tan in the face. Panic-stricken, Haruo grabs Akira by the hand and the two flee out of the arcade center as the employees restrain Ma-kun.

They get away, to were Haruo lecture's her about her going way to far and telling her that they would be screwed if they got banned from other arcade. Ono feels uncomfortable as he is holding his hand, before he say's anything he get's get hit by a his butlers car and leaves with her. He lay's on the floor thinking taking back what he said earlier saying that she no match at her in games think there is nothing left... until he claims he is good at taking a beating.