Hi Score Girl
High Score Girl Anime 01
Japanese ハイスコアガール
Furigana はいすこあがある
Rōmaji Haisukoa Gāru
Studio(s) J.C.Staff
Licensor(s) Square Enix
Producer(s) Warner Bros. Japan
Director(s) Yamakawa Yoshiki
Aired July 14 to September 28, 2018
Saturdays at 00:30 (JST)
Episodes 12
Duration 24 minutes per episode
Status Finished
Genre(s) Comedy, Romance, School, Seinen

Hi Score Girl is a Japanese anime based on the manga of the same name by Oshikiri Rensuke.

The second season titled Hi Score Girl II was announced in March 2019 and scheduled to premier in October of the same year.


"Beastly Fingers" Yaguchi Haruo rules the arcade gaming scene, but beneath his famous identity as a pro gamer is a plain sixth grader with an uneventful life. Neither popular, smart, nor athletic, he excels in only one thing: video games. Haruo would rather spend hours at the local arcade honing his gaming skills than take his life and academics seriously.

One day, Haruo meets his match in fellow classmate Ōno Akira. Akira is not the type of person to frequent an arcade: she has perfect grades, is well-loved, and comes from a wealthy background. Even so, not only is she able to score a 29-game win streak, but she also manages to beat Haruo seven times in a row. Eager to end her domination, Haruo duels Akira in Street Fighter 2 and resorts to underhanded tactics—which earns him a slap in the face from the shy girl. This encounter starts a strange and rocky relationship between the two rival gamers.


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Yaguchi Haruo (矢口 春雄)
CV: 天﨑滉平

Ōno Akira (大野 晶)
CV: 鈴代紗弓

Hidaka Koharu (日高 小春)
CV: 広瀬ゆうき


Episode Screenshot Release
Round 1 HSG Anime EP01 Sample July 14, 2018
Round 2 HSG Anime EP02 Sample July 21, 2018
Round 3 HSG Anime EP03 Sample July 28, 2018
Round 4 HSG Anime EP04 Sample August 4, 2018
Round 5 HSG Anime EP05 Sample August 11, 2018
Round 6 HSG Anime EP06 Sample August 18, 2018
Round 7 HSG Anime EP07 Sample August 25, 2018
Round 8 HSG Anime EP08 Sample September 1, 2018
Round 9 HSG Anime EP09 Sample September 8, 2018
Round 10 HSG Anime EP10 Sample September 15, 2018
Round 11 HSG Anime EP11 Sample September 22, 2018
Round 12 HSG Anime EP12 Sample September 29, 2018
Round 13
Round 14
Round 15


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