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Yaguchi Haruo
Yaguchi Haruo Anime 01.png
Japanese 矢口 春雄
Furigana やぐち はるお
Age 12 - 16
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Personal Status
Game character(s) Guile, Guy, Bishamon
Like Video games
Dislike Studying
Relatives Yaguchi Namie (mother)
Oono Akira (Girlfriend/ Possible Future Wife)
Ōno Makoto (Friend/ Possible Future Step-Sister)
Ōno no Haha (Possible Future Step-Mother)
Seiyū Amasaki Kōhei
Johnny Yong Bosch (English)
Mangadebut 1-Credit
Anime debut Round 1

Yaguchi Haruo is the main male character of Hi Score Girl series.



Haruo is a young boy with black hair. He doesn't care at all about clothes or fashion. He wears everything his mom bought for him. Most of his usual clothes are described as "lame-looking clothes" by his friends.

The only time he cares about dressing is the period of time during high school that he frequently visits game centers in Shibuya, where he starts dressing in black clothes that were popular in the area.


Haruo is good for almost nothing. Studying, sports, arts, he does it all poorly. His grades are among the worsts. Playing video games is his only "talent" that he jokingly said will be something he does to make a living.

For a boy his age, even during his elementary school days, he understands what Akira thinks and wants, most of the time just by reading her facial expressions. The only thing he doesn't understand and is very dumb at it is "love". For Koharu, however, he doesn't understand or care about her feelings at all.

In the manga however, his jerkiness and even his lack of care of Koharu feelings are toned down, He is more straight forward and carefree with not only video games, and according to Koharu, he is also unexpectedly kind and indirectly caring of her well being when they hang out togather, as he enjoys her company. Despite not viewing her romantically, he still considers her feelings as he doesn't want to hurt her as well.


Haruo prefers almost every genre of video games, but his most favorite genre seems to be fighting games such as Street Fighter.

Haruo likes using characters he feels confident in which usually ends up being lightweight characters and would sometimes use unfair techniques that can quite be spammed such as Guile's "Guile Turtling", however, he doesn't use the method as much ever since his encounter with Akira.

Gaming consoles owned by Haruo Yaguchi

  • NEC PC Engine
  • NEC PC Engine GT
  • Nintendo Famicom
  • Nintendo Super Famicom
  • Nintendo Game Boy
  • SNK Neo Geo CD
  • Nintendo Virtual Boy
  • Sega Saturn
  • Nintendo AV Famicom


Dash Spin-off

Hidaka remembering the love triangle

While he doesn't make an appearance or even is called by his name but he is briefly referenced by Hidaka, when she was looking back when she was in highschool, thinking about her "unrequited love", being Yagchi, and remembering when she was "smack-dab in the middle", the love triangle they and Ōno were in and how Hidaka felt like a roadblock.

Dash 7-Credit.webp

He is also referenced once again in the opening artwork of 7-Credit (Dash) with the text "In the days of my youth, I chased the person I loved and spent all my time at popular hangouts-" This is refencing how He showed Hidaka the "gaming world", this cause her to began to love video games and him and how to went to popular arcades to hang out and see him.


Ōno Akira

Haruos relationship with Akira was rocky at first, due to her ability to seem perfect in every way. It wasn't until he was beaten by her in Street Fighter II that he considered a rival. Over time, as they played games together, their relationship grew stronger. Eventually being considered friends.

Due to Akira's violent personality, their ability to communicate accurately was always difficult, her being a mute not helping either, but as they continued to meet at arcades and compete against each other to be better, their friendship only grew. In episode 3, "ROUND 3", we see our first glimpse at how much both care for each other. As Akira was at the airport, preparing to leave for the states, Haruo ran to the airport to see her one final time. Haruo decided to give her a parting gift, a ring he won from a claw machine the day before. Akira, overwhelmed with emotion, ran into his arms, crying, which she then had to be pulled off. Ever since then she wore that ring around her neck on a chain, showing she never forgot about Haruo.

It is hinted that they both have feelings for each other, although this hasn't been officially been confirmed by the characters. Haruo has gone on to say he does find him caring deeply for Akira. Akira does show, through facial expressions and actions that she trusts Haruo, and cares for him

The final chapter of the manga confirms his love for Oono. Haruo states that he will ask for her hand in marriage, after getting a passport and traveling out of the country to meet and find her after she leaves.

Hidaka Koharu

Haruo met Hidaka through school and ever since they have met they have been good friends. He even showed Hidaka the "gaming world" and from this, she began to love video games.

In the manga, the two seem to be fairly close, as he stated, hey get along well as their both gamers. He is unexpectedly kind and indirectly caring of her well being when they hang out togather. Despite her feeling towards him, he doesn't view her that way, but still tries to considers her feelings as he doesn't want to hurt her as well. Despite this, he doesn't really care for said feeling's. Haruo also seems to be comfortable enough to share to her how Akira is going to head overseas again, their match and how he lost and even confesses his love for Akira.

In the anime, he doesn't understanding Koharu feelings or even caring about them, acting somewhat cold towards her usually not thinking about how she feels or just ignoring her. Though he still see's her as a friend and a rival, as their both gamers and could relate and talk about them with each and even as a friend feeling comfortable enough to share to her how Akira is going to head overseas again, their match and how he lost and even confesses his love for Akira.

Instead of taking advantage of the situation and trying to go out with him, she slaps some sense into him saying that she give him back the ring so he would go look for her, she also pours out her heart on how she loved him and how he needed to go for Ono, unconsciously calling defeat to Ono. Later, like the other game characters, Phobos appears, symbolizing Hidaka's help and real love for Haruo, helping him with the traffic and later guard blocks him to stop him from crashing into the glass doors and getting decapitated after crashing his scooter. and lasting Phobo is there at the airport lobby celebrating the farewell of Ono and Haruo and her embracing each other.

As of Dash, it's unknown what happened after that fateful day and if their even still in contact like Hidaka is with Miyao and Doi.

Yaguchi Namie

Haruo gets along very well with his mother. It almost looks like they're friends or siblings. His mother gives him the freedom to do whatever he wants, but she still gets mad if he has poor scores in school tests. His mother always supports him during his hard times, like the time he tried studying for the Jōran Kōkō entrance exam and even helping him to advance his relationship with Akira.

Ōno Makoto

As Makoto supports the relationship between Haruo and Akira, Haruo and Makoto get along very well. Makoto is also a casual gamer so it's not hard for them to hang out at game centers and even at his house.


His family name Yaguchi (矢口) means "arrow way". The name Haruo (春雄) means "spring man", possibly because he was born in the spring season.


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